Meet Natalie

Facialist & Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

With a passion for nurturing both inner and out beauty Natalie takes an artesian approach to skin health and beauty treatments creating skincare solutions that really work.


Natalie began her career in Christchurch over 15 years ago as a beauty therapist and quickly developed an affinity for facials and skin therapy. This passion further developed during Natalie’s travels working onboard luxury cruise liners as a facialist and wellness therapist.

Since then her career has progressed to working as an educator for a clinical skincare brand, passing her knowledge of advanced skin therapies onto other therapists.


Believing that your skin is a reflection of what is happening inside your body Natalie’s focus is to help you create inner harmony to reveal your outer glow. Using a combination of cutting edge trends, classically proven treatments and well-trained hands, Natalie provides clients with unparalleled results, quality and escape.